How to Make a Proper Technical Proposal

General Aims When Writing a Proposal

When you compose a proposal your first and foremost task is examine the chosen area and define your further actions in it. Developing strategies is possible only after a careful background search. So, after you have established the title for your technical proposal writing, you need to proceed with identifying guidelines and start the in-depth literature source search. This will help you to understand how to operate in future. The procedure of proposal writing will cost you quite a lot of time and dedication, demand critical and analytical skills and may even become a complicated challenge for you. Still, be brave and complete the task in a masterly fashion!

Three “C” Rule in Technical Proposal Writing

 It is of vital importance to follow the “C” Rule while writing a proposal. These “Cs” are:

  • “concise” – you need to be really accurate and well-thought while presenting the facts and avoid using unsupported statements while proposal writing;
  • “clear” – all the ideas you express are to cover maximum audience. Be sure to do without  complicated technical terms and abbreviations unknown to an average reader;
  • “correct” – write with no typographic, spelling, grammar and vocabulary mistakes. To ensure their absence proofread and re-read you proposal after it is finally written.

Several Notions on Proposal Writing Language

When writing a proposal you need to pay additional attention not only to WHAT you are saying, but to HOW you state this. The vocabulary of your technical proposal should be simple, pure (but not poor!), you need to avoid wordiness and high-sounding expressions. What is more, your grammar constructions need to be selected carefully – Active Voice is preferred to the Passive one, simple, compound and complex grammatical constructions prevail. However, short sentences will express your thoughts more accurate and objective. That is why you need to be all ears while the process of technical proposal writing.

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